More San Francisco Vacation Photos

There’s nothing like a family reunion in a hotel lobby.

Together again in San Francisco

The boys have grown so much. They were very happy to see their cousin.

Cool hats and sunglasses

So happy that they put on some of his gear.
This is the beautiful family. Like me, she’s surrounded by men. Like me, I think it suits her well.

San Francisco family

I’ll spare comment for the rest of the photos…. Enjoy.

the boys


the brothers

Feeding a pigeon at the Ferry building

Street performers will let you take a picture for a buck

taking a break on the sidewalk

more street performance netted zero cash

We took a break from the city proper and ventured out to a Zen garden and further on to the seashore. Very relaxing, very beautiful.

you meet all sorts of friends on the way

At the Green Gulch Farm Apiary

boys running

Don't we all want fur pelt covering in foggy cold? No shirt needed!

Back in the city…

Super boy from Massachusetts prevent SF building from tipping over

Alas, super boy could not stop time. We had to leave eventually.

Leaving San Francisco

I’ll end with my favorite photo:

the boys

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4 Responses to More San Francisco Vacation Photos

  1. ann sweetman says:

    she writes, she shoots (photos), she leaves…us completely delighted with the wondrous, wacky and wonderful images. How fine these places, these people, this life is.
    Thank you so much Lizy, who does it all!

  2. Sweetman Wissmann Group says:

    We’ve just viewed the pictures up here in Lincoln, Maine and we loved them!
    xo Mary, Mom and Jane

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