More on Men: Fashion forays–into womens clothes

All right all two of my devoted followers, we enjoyed the wonders of men’s underwear, didn’t we? We learned something and it was nice to marvel at how sturdy, well-made and long lasting they are (the underwear…ahem…).

While I could wax poetic on all that’s great about men’s underwear, I think it’s best to get out of those proverbial pants and find a new fascination. Let’s move to the outer layer.

This is the look. The look of a well-dressed man!

Men’s clothing has been pretty much the same for over 100 years. Pants, shirt, jacket, tie. Jeans, shorts, t-shirts. Sweatshirts, sweaters. Now let’s not get all critical, there are variations on the above that have become new categories but for the most part men have been wearing the same thing for quite a while. One very unfortunate thing we must mention but swear not to breath a word of it after this: the dreaded sweat suit:

Honestly, this is what you look like in your favorite sweat suit

Say no more.

There’s a hopeful trend that’s promising to add a couple of terrific wardrobe staples in the man-closet. That’s right, not just one but two things that look great on men. After nearly a century, open your drawers to these two new must-haves:

The first is a reclaim–and thank God for that! After wasting for far too many years on stuffy, preppy, uptight and ultra conservative women, the Kilt is firmly back in the man’s world!

Utilikilt in action--no free show there!

Utilikilt, how could you ever have left the wonderful world of men? They’re comfortable, attractive and very manly. The epitome of maleness: letting it all hang out under the kilt!

Hang Eleven Kilt-Man!

They work just as hard as they play

Kilt-Man keeps traffic moving along!

I’m keeping the rest of my Kilt-Man pictures in my diary….

And now on to the second bold move in male fashion. Believe me, this style should have started in manland! Men wear capris (yes, I dare say it capris) far better than women thanks to the awesomeness of the male calf and a pleasing proverty of cankles. Sorry gals, most of you reading this in capris need to put on long pants.

And this is why women hate me.

This is a tough sell because they’ve been deeply affiliated with Kevin Federline and sport the metrosexual nickname Manpris. A tough reputation to salvage but if Pee Wee Herman can redeem himself, I think Manpris will be around for a long time.

Wow! How much do you love the Manpri?

Here’s a little fashion help if you’re going to take the plunge:

Hmmm, I might swap the No! and Yes!...

It’s not just fashion, manpris make for safer skateboarding and bicycling. There’s less peril on escalators too!

Who's not going to break his ankle because of long, torn pants? The Manpri Man, that's who!

And there we have it. Marvelous to look at, a pleasure to wear–what’s stopping you boys from augmenting your wardrobe with these must-haves? I mean, how long can you actually live without them? I promise you they won’t lead you down the slippery slope to sequinned unitards or ass-less chaps. That’s an interesting topic for another day…

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6 Responses to More on Men: Fashion forays–into womens clothes

  1. If I am ever caught wearing a Manpri, I hope someone would have the decency to shoot me on the spot!….. That garment won’t fly here in Texas!

  2. sweetman says:

    but you haven’t said NO to the utilikilt! Fear not Idiot, Texas is ready!

  3. Shelby says:

    These are some ridiculous looking styles of clothing! The duck tape resembling a sweatshirt outfit is the funniest and is exactly true to how they really look on people!

  4. sweetman says:

    Thanks! It’s a good reminder to me to avoid wearing clothes for “comfort” only!

  5. Cody says:

    I live in Pennsylvania and I have pair of Manpris and trust me im far from gay

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