Unplugged Challenge

I have an opportunity to unplug for a small length of time and contemplate the impact of my unplugged life.
This past year has been something of a benchmark for in returning to purposeful writing and it’s something I’ve missed doing for quite a while. While I’m not sure what unleased the actual writing, I know having my own computer has been a vital piece of the process. There have been other motivators: reading good writing, re-reading my old writing, designated time and place, blah, blah, blah. All of the obvious as well as having the time to write.
All of the pieces came together and my plan was putting words on the proverbial paper–which is my Mac.
Alas, the train was, while initially was not derailed, was simply side-tracked. A minor detour of checking in on Facebook before I write, revisiting Twitter to quickly update turned into a major wreck of my best efforts: hours wasted on these social networking sites, no writing, no productivity, brain left feeling like an old sponge and the worst part of it is I CAN NOT SEEM TO STOP!!!
It appears I can’t start my day without checking up on statuses then barely tax my brain to post either something I think is clever (usually not) or quote someone I think is clever (they usually are which makes me a lazy poser).
I’ve an opportunity to unplug (purposefully) and when the ordeal is over, record the impact of my “unplugged” life. Yes, I read about this while trolling through the internet and you wouldn’t believe the lash-back of comments regarding how the challenge was presented: on the internet! Well, anyone who isn’t wasting hours there wouldn’t need to wax poetic about staying off it–because they’re not on it! Sometimes I really believe living in cyberspace makes us all so shallow and dense.
My goal is to get back to purposeful writing, to stop avoiding what I say I love to do and to stop wasting so much time. Let’s see if it’s as daunting as I think it could be.

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