Happy Mother’s Day

What no ranting or strife? No rending of garments and venting of spleens? It must be something special to draw me away from trying to right all wrongs or at least clean up the night garden that is the internet.
Could it be a new apron?

Who's that beautiful lady in the kitchen making all those delicious meals?

Could it possibly be a new bicycle?

Yeah right, I already own it!

Perhaps a good dog that doesn’t eat my perfect, grown-from-a-chestnut tree?
Two bad dogs

Tree eating dog is in foreground, dog that wouldn't stop the carnage in in the backgroud

Well all of the is nice but it’s not the case today. Today, Mother’s Day, a day I worked but came home to two wonderful sons who are simply the lights of my life.

Me with wonderful younger son

What is better than that?

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writing, reading, pretty much everything noir
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