You can be a glamorous drudge too!

As we get to know each other better on this forum, I feel it’s time to share some of my many gifts. When I’m not creating new words for Urban Dictionary to help the vocabularily-challenged express themselves better, you might expect to find me pedaling about town without a helmet, wondering why Scott Brown poses naked or ranting at people who drive Hummers, right? Of course you are!
How, you may ask, do I have time for anything else? Fair question but be ready to be amazed, my friends. I make sure to carve out essential time not just for the upkeep of a busy household but make every effort to look glamorous while I do so! It makes the time pass so much more quickly.
Behold, world! A pretty apron can make you look like a million bucks while the chores practically do themselves!

More Colors make chosing the recipe more fun!

Retro-1950's Apron is the Glamorous Housewife's Best Friend!

If you’re not in the mood for a full-sized apron, I’ve some fabulous half aprons that double as dishcloths (secret: that’s what they were before they became part of my domestic wardrobe!). You double your productivity around the house!
Polished glassware never looked so good! Neither do you!

Polished glassware never looked so good and neither do you!

This beauty is going to be a gift for my oldest sister (I can barely part with it, it’s the best of my creative endeavors thus far!) My hope is that it gives her and her house a certain level of fabulousness.
"Birthday Apron for sister Ann"

The birthday will never end in this gorgeous apron!

Finally for those who may not something so flouncy (all two of you), a dish-towel longways with wrap-around strings and heavy-duty pockets are your answer. See! Even simple is still glamorous and beautiful!
Smaller doesn't mean less effective!

Small Aprons can hold many essential kitchen and cleaning tools--and look gorgeous too!

Whew! There is is, everyone! Another facet to the wonder that is my busy life and now you know what helps make it all so much fun. Yes, it does wear me out, I admit I am a bit knackered at the end of my hectic days but don’t despair! I manage to find a cozy spot to relax and ponder my next project.
Worn out after busy day

Dreaming of future projects (me) and trouble for socks, lawns and Artie (dog).


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