30 Days of Biking

I am up for the challenge of 30 days of biking for the month of April. It’s my only wish that I had 30 bikes–one for each day.
Old Maple Tree (lasted the winter)
Clearly the lack of epic rain along with sunshine galvanized me out of my deep funk. Never one to settle in a comfortable middle ground (unusual, I am a middle child, why am I extreme?) I ran five miles which miraculously went far better than expected as it’s been a week since I ran. The roads and sidewalks were filled with many like myself: the waterlogged and sun-deprived flinging themselves out-of-doors at the first glimmer of sun. Facial expressions and greetings were uncharacteristically cheery I also noticed.
On the road with the Armstrong
After my run I hopped on the Armstrong–a favorite child in terms of my bike selection–and delivered 2 letters to the post office. More people out and about at the end of the school day. The Common was full of people with dogs, kids playing frisbee and quite a few loafing around on their backs like baking loaves of bread.
My trip around the city was quick but worth it. Here I am passing traffic on Cabot Street.

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