Photos of the Bianchi Astrale mixte

I still love, love, love my mixte although it’s clear there are other bikes vying for my attention.

lovely little bike, mixtes are enjoying a resurge in popularity

The mixte is a lot of fun to ride because it’s so light and quick. I may swap out the drop handle bars when I get some money for it. The only draw back for me is that it’s a tiny bike–the woman who owned it must have been less than 5’2″!
Anyway, here it is, rocking out a green Brooks saddle I found on Craigslist.
I think this bicycle love borders upon unhealthy obsession.

copper rivets on the saddle. It was on Craigslist because the owner didn't know how to attach it to the seatpost! Great find.

My dog Artie loves to go for bike rides in a milk crate. He’s always hopeful when I pull out a bike but this one is way too small to cart that giant-headed dog around.
Artie and the mixte

Dream on Artie.

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2 Responses to Photos of the Bianchi Astrale mixte

  1. Henry Allen says:

    I can totally see Artie riding in a milk crate. Go Artie!!

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