What Price Do We Pay For This Gorgeous Weather?

Spring is here. Well, tentative spring. We of the Northeast should not leap blindly into this balmy weather. It’s must be a cautious embrace, the fickle favors of weather can turn and flog us for our innocent joyful rocking out the cabana wear and sending off all the sweaters and coats to the cleaners.
This little interlude can be slammed out of the way by (according to my remote and recent memory) a SPRING BLIZZARD! How about a lovely 3 week UNSEASONABLE COLD SNAP?? And there’s always the FORTY DAYS OF BIBLICAL RAIN!
Biblical rain has been a fan favorite of the gods for the last several years. It’s obvious our higher power is sending a strong message–yet despite the epic monsoons for the past few years, it does not appear to hit the mark of getting us to repent or change our ways.
Please, God, give me a sign if it’s the wearing of pajamas as regular clothes! I agree with you if that’s the case! I will go on an earnest crusade to stop your people from slobbing around in nightclothes during the daylight hours if that will stop the torrential rains!
Hmmm, no sign that I can interpret there. I will keep pajamas on the short list of reasons for an angry God. If you’re reading this while wearing some sort of flannel pants with either a plaid or cutesy print, go get some real clothes on. Thank you.

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