Urban Dictionary definition: The R-word

1. The R-word

Finally! 38 years after George Carlin’s comedy routine, “The Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television”, the eighth word has been born. The R-word stands for “Retard” which is now banned thanks to state house rallies in Massachusetts, Indiana and Ohio. Rallies included earnest do-gooders marching around with a dozen “differently abled”, mentally challenged citizens who are no longer called retarded but were told they were offended by the use of it.

Thanks to the rally, you can hear the R-word shouted at least 900 times a day in middle school and high school hallways.
Welcome to banishment, “Retard”!
“The rainy spring retarded the growth of the lettuce and asparagus,” observed Dad one Saturday morning.
“Dad!” gasped PC thug vegetarian daughter, “You’re not allowed to say the R-word!”
“Heh, heh, heh, RETARDED!” laughed obnoxious little brother.
retarded, retard, mentally challenged, differently abled, forbidden words

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