Monday morning

Monday morning, The mindset is to get ready to face the work week and all else life flings our way, right?
It would be nice to have a clean slate on a Monday, that all the crap that happened the week before was wiped clean–maybe by church if you’re God fearing? Maybe by the idea that fresh starts on Mondays minimize perceived disasters of the previous week. It would be nice.
My job as a hospital nurse gives me a different perspective on Mondays. It’s often a day of reflection and regret. That big two day break between the busy and productive work week can sometimes wreak havoc on those who have trouble containing enthusiasm or difficulty with knowing when to say when.
I’m not sure what’s in store for me today, I expect much of the same–frail elderly sick with pneumonia, UTI, inability to ambulate fills most of the beds. But occasionally and especially after a beautiful, warm weekend, I may see a befuddled and regretful young face peering at me from the white pillow. He or she might be a little beat up and will definitely reek of exhaled, processed alcohol. Seriously, it’s a smell I can’t stand and has kind of ruined the fun of drinking for me.
The most memorable Monday regret I’ve come across was several years ago but he’s yet to be topped. I wish I could have taken his picture, it’s might have saved my older son from some ethanol fueled entanglements. He was scraped up, punched and possibly dragged by a car by the looks of his clothes. Luckily, his injuries were on the surface, no broken bones, head injuries or internal bleeding which is why he ended up on my floor–he was basically sleeping off a major drunk. Unfortunately, very unfortunately for this young man, he visited a tatoo parlor before he got beat up and dragged. I think that’s his biggest regret–why couldn’t he have gotten beaten up before he took his sorry, drunk self into a tatoo parlor he couldn’t remember and gotten a sun tatoo around his belly button?!!!!
Oh the Monday morning regret! He was mortified, horrified! The sun was huge, yellow with swirling rays that curlicued off in all directions at least four inches around the solar core of his belly button. How could he go around without a shirt now? The level of regret on his face multiplied one thousand times when I said that sun will get bigger when his stomach gets fatter (he had a pretty big gut starting out). I definitely would have tempered that remark had I realized the impact prior to saying it.
I’ve never seen him since which is encouraging given the repeat nature of some of the young alcoholic patients. My best guess is he’s saving his money for lasar tatoo removal and living a sober life. He’s got a big fat daily reminder on the core of his being.

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