A quick look at this corner of the world

Here are a few thoughts before I have to dash. Forgiveness for the rush job.
Dogtown by Elyssa East is probably my favorite book this year. It’s so well done and informative. Congratulations to Ms. East for her PEN award, it’s well deserved. I recommend Dogtown to all. I recommend you go with a friend, a map and a compass if the book moves you so much to hike around. Seriously.
A petition to ban all circumcisions was presented yesterday, stating it is genital mutillation. I have not yet been able to get my mind around the core of Massachusetts voters. Are we liberal? Conservative? Insane? As a medical professional, I have seen a (admittedly small) downside of leaving the male member intact. I believe it’s a personal decision of the parents and the petition has brought to light a very good point: parents should make an informed decision. I have two boys and both went are circumcised. No regrets on my part at all.
Massachusetts legislature is really pushing the gambling bill. I think the governer is tired of watching his constituents hitchhike across the border (because they lost their cars) to throw all their money into the slots in Connecticut. The upside of gambling in Mass? Creation of Blue collar jobs. Hmm. Wouldn’t it be a Blue collar job to hire goons to hold poor people and little old ladies upside down for their coins?
In my informal survey (not purposeful, it comes up when people find out I’m a nurse), there’s some anger at the bust of the H1N1 pandemic. People are actually disappointed there wasn’t a widespread severe illness because the hype made it seem like we were all going to get deathly ill. I admit it was poorly handled in the beginning with the lack of available vaccine but WHAT??? Disappointed it wasn’t worse? Oh my gosh, the things people say.
Grey mood reflects the grey string of days although I hear birds that I haven’t heard since the warm weather so there’s hope.

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