March 1st. Rabbit, rabbit.

Rabbit, rabbit.
I always say that on the first day of the month, I try to have it be the very first thing I say because it’s supposed to bring good luck.
Funny how it all started: a comment from my sister over twenty five years ago. She was engaged, newly engaged and she told me her future mother-in-law said, “Rabbit, rabbit”. This woman was…intriguing to me. She had a ridiculous pile of crazy fears and superstitions that she selectively bestowed upon her four children. I thought she was something of a gypsy when I first met her, although she was anything but that. She was quite conservative.
She married incredibly young, maybe at age 17 and had four children before she was twenty five. She was younger than my mother, who was a young mother, but she looked and acted so much older. Her hair was a bouffant helmet, she wore matching polyester prints, she had amazing stories about married life in New York City that made me think of the 1930’s.
She didn’t share her superstitions, I got those from my sister who got them from her future husband. This women didn’t like to be alone–without her husband which was unfortunate because he traveled for work so she covered up the windows at night to block out the world. She even put tin foil over the tiny high windows on the front door. Woah! Who’d try to peer in there?
She also never flew! Never! Her husband flew thousands of miles for his work. They were at the point in life that they could enjoy trips and vacations, which they did indeed enjoy but by car or by cruise ship! This lady would get on a ship but not a plane? I just couldn’t make sense of her.
These types of neurotic people usually annoy me beyond bounds. I find their fears and quirks petulent, ignorant or attention seeking but this woman was so different in my eyes. Again, she strikes me as kind of mystical or gypsy-like and I believe she has a real reason for her crazy quirks and it’s probably that she’s crazy.
However, I say “Rabbit, rabbit” at the start of every month. I think I’m a crazy lady sometimes.


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