Not as busy as I think I am

Hectic day, yesterday although I wasn’t as inconvenienced nor as cold as those who lost heat and power. I lost the internest for nearly twenty four hours.
I was writing a story for a contest, a super short story which I enjoy writing but they’re a bit of work to pare down and I let this one slide until the deadline. Which was yesterday. With no internet.
Worse things could happen, like I said, I wasn’t cold, just unconnected.
I finished the story yesterday, rather quickly because I wasn’t constantly checking my social network sites (which I claim I don’t like to be on very often–that’s a big fat lie!).
I’m hooked on facebook and twitter and my gmail. Yesterday proved that! I finished my story in about 2 hours, a story I was grinding out for a week after dumping another story I was grinding out for two weeks. The reality is I was writing a couple of sentences, then checking for status updates. What a waste of time!
This is not my usual work ethic when wriitng. The story was not really my own and it’s was kind of a difficult topic for me. Usually I’m more into my writing and the social networks are a distraction.
A pretty good wake-up for me, though. It’s too easy to get sucked in and waste hours, even though I don’t play farmville or mafia wars.
It makes me wonder, what are we doing with our time? We’re not as busy as we think we are.


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