Ode to My Darling’s Tuna Casserole

Thank you for all your thought and toil in making the homemade Tuna Casserole. I’m not sure what inspired you to find the “best” homemade recipe on the internet. The picture accompanying the recipe sure made it look tasty!
Your enthusiasm to make this for dinner lead me to utter something less than true when you asked it I’d like it. My lukewarm response of, “Hmmm, maybe…” encouraged the fire in your belly. I know that answer made you think I didn’t like it, I didn’t hate it and this was your chance to shine, to add a new favorite to my very limited list of favorite dinners.
Here’s the truth darling: I hate tuna casserole. It horrified me as a kid. The mixture of canned tuna, mushroom soup, noodles, peas and breadcrumbs that looked like it had already been digested turned my stomach. The smell of cooked canned tuna in that melange is my identifying odor of dead fish. My mother made it most Fridays during Lent and although I couldn’t eat it, I had to sit at the table watching my sisters show me big mouthfuls when my parents weren’t looking. Rest assured, I returned the view with food I could eat the following night.
At least thirty years have passed since I sat at a table with tuna casserole so “Hmmmm, maybe” really meant my distant memory had faded a bit and I might give it a try but no luck! The smell part of the human brain is the one most closely linked with early memories and one whiff of baking tuna was all I needed to bring back those dreaded Friday nights of a nauseating meal that marked my Lenten time of self sacrifice.
Rest assured, you’ll have Tuna Casserole for lunch for a week.
As ever,
Your devoted and loving Wife

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