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Here are a few things I’m stewing on in no particular order:
Pitchers and catchers report today. It’s my true sign that spring is coming and the baseball part of my brain is sharpening up for what looks to be an interesting season. Don’t worry, I’ll not babble on about the details here.
Sharp sun, little wind, I’m sure bees are flying out on days like this. Despite my lacking a live hive right now, I’ve got a lot to do before I pick up a box of bees in mid April: build frames, paint the new hive, figure out a way to hide it from Mrs. You-are-going-to-kill-my-kids-neighbor. I found a great quote to dispel the notion that honey bees have murderous intentions: “Bees are not interested in you, they just want nectar.” Madam, your children are most decidedly not that sweet.
I have to prepare for the Friendly Garden Club of Beverly presentation at the Beverly Public Library. Topic: Health benefits of honey and learning about bees. I’ve got some good stuff. I’m a bit nervous about the presentation, it’s been a while since I’ve stood before a group.
My Bianchi mixte is fixed up and I want to take it out for a long ride. It’s a 10 speed which is a bit novel for me: the most gears I’ve used is three in the past 10 years. The mixte is a beautiful 1970’s model that just needed a tune-up and some new tires. It just sat in a garage for years after it was purchased. What is it in our nature that makes us compulsively buy things we don’t need and won’t use? I’m actually asking myself, not anyone else. I have so much stuff. My bikes don’t fall in that category though. Anyway, roads are too snowy and icy for a little skinny bike.
Our former baby sitters ex-boyfriend is continuing to stalk her in cyberspace. It’s been three years since their relationship ended (not a great break up in my opinion, the “let’s be friends” option encouraged the creepy bald-headed weirdo to continue the romance in his big pale head, but I am NOT the person to talk about good break-ups). She has been in a committed relationship for a couple of years and has a new baby so this is a very unsettling revelation. He, the cyberstalker, has done this with a past girlfriend, so it’s even more disturbing that despite a police report, restraining order, 2 years of “stay the hell away from me” messages, he continues to try to contact her. The incredible wonders of this amazing age we live in have equally dark and evil counterparts. I am certain this unbalanced nutcase is fueling his obsession with all he can gather on the internet–and there is so much of us out there.
I’m trying to figure some of that out. I use social networks, I feel I’m careful although I’m sure my information is far more detailed and revealing than I’d ever want to know. It’s more relevant to me when unfortunate developments when cyberstalking happens to someone close to me.

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