Last rant on medicating the nation

My final thoughts (for the moment) on this topic on mood medication. I find it disturbing that our cultural shift to chemical adjustment of human emotions is barreling along at a break neck pace. It disturbs me that the normal range of human emotions is getting severed and that the lower end of that range has changed from unhappiness to a clinical state that should be treated with medication.
I am tuned into emotions and moods of others. I have empathy and I need it because I’m a nurse. There are times when patients say they’re all right and I can see they’re not and I can help that. There are times it’s the opposite and I can still help them. But there are also times when I’m completely mystified by who’s in front of me because he or she is blunted and shrouded. When they should be consumed with grief or sadness, they just kind of sit there in a fog. When they deserve to be happy and uplifted, they kind of sit there in a fog. Almost every one of these limited-range mood patients are on some sort of mood medication.
Studies are piling up that fall on the side of short-term use for antidepressants vs. life-long maintainance. There is also a deeply disturbing discovery that it is extremely difficult to get off SSRI’s once initiated. Patient’s state they want to stop taking prozac, celexa, etc but they have such awful symptoms when they stop, it’s not worth it. Would they have taken them if they knew how difficult it was to stop? Some say yes, others say never. Again, it’s a cultural belief that we should be taking medications.
Is there anyone else who has trouble with sharply narrowing the spectrum of human emotions? It’s like painting with two colors: tan and beige. Is there anyone else who sees that we are being bombared with the idea that what we are not acceptable as we are and there’s a pill for that?
Bottom line: pharmaceutical corporations are rich, filthy rich. They’ve tapped into the consumers weak spot and are cashing in. They care as much as you can pay. They are telling you you’re not feeling as good as you should, as you deserve to to get money. Your money!!

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