Antidepressants and the “right” to happiness

Do I dare write about a subject I partially listened to on the radio? Shouldn’t I take the full hour before I start preaching? One would hope, however, I’m going to plunge right in with my opinion.
As a nurse I hand out mood meds like Halloween candy on 10/31. The younger the patient, the more meds they’re on–antidepressants, antidepressant enhancers, ADHD meds, anti-anxiety meds, sleeping pills to combat the mood boosters they took during the day….And in my 17 years of nursing, I have yet to see a discernable difference in the person I’m medicating. I know, for most people the hospital is a terrible place to do a mood test upon. Chances are, when these patients leave the hospital, they may end up with another mood medication.
Good grief, what an industry!
I have seen an evolution in my brief life of an attitude to weather bad times with the belief that good things are on the horizon. This belief was coupled with an attitude that hard work and doing what is right will pay off in both body and soul.
Now I see a disturbing culture of people who believe it is their right to be happy, that happiness must be instant and that if they feel unhappy, they are depressed and need to take a pill to get happy. I blame media, media, media, then parents for believing the hype, then the pharmaceutical profession for knowing what a cash cow that dogma is and finally the medical profession for caving into the pharmaceutical reps (or in the past, for getting a lot of great schwag and moola for prescribing the latest pill).
I haven’t the time to continue this observation, so this is to be continued. I have to go to work to shovel wheelbarrowful amounts of pills into listless and gormless souls who aren’t happy.


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