Bicycles are in the header

I changed this title because I’ve been more interested in promoting bicycling around Beverly–I think I had one or two rants about my fair city in the beginning but overall, it’s more about wanting to get around on two wheels instead of four.
Beverly is a great city to bicycle around. It’s beautiful, scenic, moderate in it’s hills and has a downtown that could be inviting to bicyclists if there was incentive (i.e. that people who ride bikes would be willing to stop and spend money that the downtown establishments).
The drawbacks of riding a bike around Beverly are the same as many American cities, especially in the northeast so I’ll save a thousand words about drivers because it’s more cultural than evil intent in most cases.
I’ve been dreaming about cycling and bicycles–is this my calling? No, I just got an old mixte fixed up and am dying to go for a long bike ride. Unfortunately, winter still has us in it’s icy grip: those huge mountains of rock hard snowbanks aren’t going anywhere and there’s more snow predicted in the forecast.

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