Quit Ranting and Do Something Real

The following blog was written by me while I was writing and listening to the radio. I was annoyed but had a sick sense to want to continue listening to see if this woman was for real–unfortunately she is.

I just couldn’t take another second of Eve’s nonsense on “On Point Radio”. The worst was allowing the caller to reference the false reported study that women are abused more on Superbowl Sunday because male testosterone was raging on that particular day. Just the opposite, in fact, It was found to be a day of unusual calm and quiet in emergency rooms, police 911 calls and battered women’s hotlines. Arrrgh! What a bunch of tripe! So disappointed in the program for that hour. There are more meaningful womens forums in this world and I believe Ms. Ensler got her attention from the rediculous and senseless title of her monologues.
Quit ranting and do something real!
Eve Ensler of the monologue that evidently comes from a specific female body part is on the radio and her rant about the strife of being a woman here and now just made me want to stuff cotten pierced with sharp tacks in my ears to make her go away.
Gosh, Eve, your shocking titles and annoying rants will really get you support and empathy across the board. It makes me think I should drive my car into the bank window because I don’t have enough money.
There are ways of getting attention, ways of bringing about topics of note that are more effective than taking a completely unsavory, polarizing stand.
Well behaved women do make history and they have more followers, both male and female because they engage and encourage open thought.
Eve Ensler, your rantings preach to the choir and drive away the rest of the world.
Take it down a few notches, give my ears a break. And find a better body part to rant from, the visual is disgusting to me.

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One Response to Quit Ranting and Do Something Real

  1. I am so sorry that you got to hear all these.
    Can soooooooo annoying,right?
    Thank God not all of us are like that.
    Trust me you, I am sure not everyone believe her either.

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