February 1st. The longest month of winter is over which is a big hurdle for me. I really dislike winter. I know it’s beautiful, snow covers everything and changes the landscape for a couple of days after a storm and I’ve grown up on winter sports; mostly skiing and ice skating. I’m also aware of the cycle of seasons, especially aware since I became a beekeeper.
But the dark and the gripping cold….
I would have been a terrible Arctic explorer. I’d have been the first to perish, I’m certain. I probably would have become useless to my team and my mood would have encouraged them leave me on an ice floe.
It’s important for me to stay positive, there is a warm horizon just over February. This is how I think of it: February is the shortest month. It’s usually the coldest but the days are appreciably longer and there may be a couple of warm ones. Lent starts in February this year which means Easter after the forty days of self-imposed denial and reflection. Easter is like spring, although we’ve had some blizzards on Easter. I’ll perish that thought right now.
February is the start of spring training. Ahhhh, baseball. I can and do think of it all year long but the beginning of the new season is so promising.
March is just around the corner from winter’s shortest month.
And these are the thoughts the help the cold winter nights fly by around my house.

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