“I just gave my one-year old my iphone, aren’t I cute????”

No you are not. You have done your one-year old one of the biggest disservices you can do to a child. You’ve given him or her the object they know (he or she has known since six weeks of age) is more important than they are because it takes your attention during the crucial time of learned communication. You’re baby cries, pick him or her up, try feeding or rocking, or walking around the room then beep! your iphone makes a noise and the baby is the equivalent to a sack of potatoes in your arms while you check a message, answer a call, tweet or retweet. So that baby’s been wanting that iphone for quite a while.
Your baby is a learning organism and everything you do is a lesson in life for the first year. So all that distraction on your iphone–all right, maybe it’s some other brand of smart phone is a consistant message to this new life you’ve created that there is something so much more important to mother or father than baby.
Yes, you are adorable, now good luck getting it out of baby’s hands. Let the tantrum begin!

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