More on the Massachusetts special election

Forgive the stream-of-consciousnss writing here, I haven’t finished airing my thoughts on this election, and believe me, I wanted to be so done with it the weekend before it was over.
There has been some speculation on how Martha lost the senate seat as a woman in liberal Massachusetts but not as much as I expected. She really lacked inspiration. She’s the state Attorney General which is a polarizing position and hostorically Massachusetts AGs fare poorly in bids for other political positions–it tends to be a doomed perch to launch anyone’s dreams of politics. But Martha! A woman! Again, what happened? Personally, she just didn’t light any fire of hope, strength or confidence. I think most (well the majority, obviously) voters felt she presented as a person who would follow her party regardless of how out of touch it is. The notion of a historical moment of electing a woman to the Senate in Massachusetts wasn’t a factor in this woman, she wasn’t the right one. Harsh, I know. It will take a strong, charismatic woman who brings ALL the voters together, Republicans, Democrats and Independent/Undeclared. It’s disturbing to me that that woman from Massachusetts has not made it to national politics in Massachusetts.
Now, about you, Mr. Brown. The cheesy, cheap, smarmy, and kind of nauseating spread in Cosmo magazine with you naked and your left hand kind of covering your man-thing–is that your pinky or is it???
It stinks that there is not one woman on this planet who could pull that crap and end up elected into a national position. His message was greater than his stupid photo op and yes, he’s easy on the eyes. But how we as voters can gloss over that in a handsome man but would tar, feather, pillory then boil in oil a woman who would do the same is just…status quo. Women are not equal to men. That’s the fact. And all that fight and struggle for equality has put women in politics in this awful position that strength and reserve equals something harsh and cold.
Segueing into something else that requires hours of thought and I just don’t have the time this morning.

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