This is why Scott Brown won

The constant buzz is still on Scott Brown’s stunning upset of Martha Coakley for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. It appears to have unhinged everyone but the voters of Massachusetts.
There were numerous reasons and they seemed so obvious:
Martha Coakley inspired nothing but stifled yawns. Add to this her assumption that this was her election. All she had to do was…well nothing really. What did we want her to do, go out and shake hands? The answer is yes and to stop acting like it was painful.
Scott Brown is a good looking “regular” guy. He crossed the state at least four times in the last week.
The television commercials, airing on every single station mentioned Scott Brown’s name in a ratio of about 20 to 1. We got so sick of all of them, negative or positive, but all we heard was Scott Brown, Scott Brown, Scott Brown.
The negative commercials were insufferable, Martha’s team should be locked in a room for four days with nothing but her crappy commercials.
Scott Brown went on every radio talk show, local television show, interviewed with anyone who would give him the time of day in Massachusetts and he stayed on topic and never dove into the sewer of blame. He said what he would do.
Martha did not.
The debates were boring. I actually was most interested in Joe Kennedy. Why did he run? To upset the election?
When the Democrats called out the big guns in the last week, it appeared to be a desparate act. They all looked stiff and puppet-like. Obama is charasmatic but he’s not the underdog anymore.
The Boston Globe poll lied and the voters didn’t believe it. That gave Scott Brown even more credibility and unfortunately aligned Martha with the Globe.
Vicky Kennedy should never, ever channel her dead husband Teddy. It’s creepy. We really want him to stay dead.
Governer Duval Patrick is one of the worst governors in my living and pre-life memory. I don’t care that it’s tough times, we are living them, he needs to appear to do something to try to improve it.
His affiliation with Martha brought her down further.
The voters acted to make a change in 2008 with President Obama. That didn’t mean it was going to be the new status quo. The change is more of the same and there are no jobs, national healthcare is going to crush the middle class further if it goes through and ***reminder!!!!*** we voters did not take a month-long summer holiday after the healthcare bill was shoved thorugh by the new status quo in the middle of the night.
There are so many people of the edge right now, teetering on the brink of losing a job, a house, having to make a choice between food and heat, not filling prescriptions, and on and on.
So, there you have it, there it always was, the fat cats of Washington pulled up to the White House and failed to look back at who got them there, so change will continue until we get more of what we need.
I am a registered Democrat.

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