Two bad dogs

We have this horrid little terrier. Actually we have two and they are both pretty bad but for completely different reasons. So it’s safe to say we have a horrid little terrier and you could put either under that same umbrella.
Artie is timid–no wait, that’s Artie in a good moment. He’s afraid, terrified, petrified of people and has an insane fear of men. The two men he fears the most are my husband and older son. All living under the same roof. Either he is scurrying away to hide or barking madly. It’s maddening to live with.
The second dog, Honey is an adorable little scottie who loves people but hates any dog other than Artie. I mean go-for-the-throat hates, instant snarling and attack-mode hate. She’s tiny so it’s surprising that the bigger and more menacing the dog, the more fervent her loathing and attempts at attack are.
So there it is: a dog that can’t be around people and a dog that can’t be around other dogs. No happy medium here, the extremes of the terrier heart.


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