Christmas Letter, really???

I wrote our first Christmas letter last night. Really. Christmas cards are looming large on the horizon and I want to let those we send yearly cards know a little more than warm wishes.
Christmas newsletters are loaded cannons in my mind, providing me with an arsenal of sarcasm and scorn. Those I have viewed in the past were silly, overly self-deprecating, obviously bragging and a conveyed messages that the senders were far superior to the receivers.
So what makes me different? I have no idea right now. It seems like a good letter save that I gave more space to the beehive and (gah!!!!) the dogs. There are photos of all of the people in this family and there is a poem about Christmas that I like a lot.
I’ll save it and look back to see if I missed the proverbial pitfalls of the seasonal newsletter. Final critique will be sometime in May or June when I gain some perspective.
It is my goal to wish all a Merry Christmas at Christmas. The blending and blanding of the “Holiday Season” or even worse, “Winter Celebration” because of the pc fear that some group will be offended or feel left out has numbed the meaning of the day. We can do better. Will my letter convey that?


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