Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”

I saw Michael Jackson’s movie “This Is It” last night with my husband and my youngest son. We went because my youngest son wanted to see it, otherwise I don’t think I would have gone.

It was excellent. Michael Jackson was an amazing performer and because so many songs were from the Thriller era, it brought be back to the time when it seemed like everything MJ did was amazing, his face was not as altered and none of the bizarre behaviors were taking place (or they hadn’t made the press).
There were snippets of clips of him in the Jackson 5 with his brothers which brought me back to my childhood! I remember the Jackson 5 cartoon!

I worked as a picture framer in the 1980’s and for some reason I can’t recall, Vincent Price came into the shop I worked –I think it was to sign a photo before it was framed. He was quite old but incredibly gracious and personable. He chatted with us and was asked how he like being in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. He laughed and said when he read for it, he thought it was for a horror movie, which he, as we all knew, had done more than anyone could ever remember. I asked what he thought when he saw it was on Thriller and he replied, “Oh my dear, when I was first asked, I just read my part into a microphone! I had no idea it was for something as big as THAT!” That is about as close as I ever got to Michael Jackson which made me a Vincent Price fan for life.

I’m glad I saw the movie. I think he was a deeply disturbed guy who had the means to get anything he thought he needed which lead to his early demise. At the start of the movie I kept wondering if Michael Jackson went from his original looks to who he looked like overnight instead of gradually, how horrified would we all be? But as the movie went on, I was taken away with the singing and the dancing which was so good. It’s the first time I’ve felt sorrow and regret about his death. He formed an era of my life.

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