Regarding some things about Beverly

I have lived in Beverly, MA for over 16 years and I love it. I moved around quite a bit as a kid and I believe Beverly is home. I’ve lived in Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Connecticut and central Massachusetts before finding Beverly. While I can definitely say I prefer the edges of the country, I can absolutely assure you that I consider Beverly one of the finest places to live.
As with all cities and locales, there are flaws. Parking could be better. The city could capitalize on the resources more efficiently. The downtown is flagging a bit but we can blame the poor economy. The beauty and location of Beverly far outweighs any drawback. Located on the north shore of Boston, it is edged by the beautiful and busy Atlantic Ocean. Beverly has free street parking along many of its public beaches. There is rapid transit to Boston which links to NYC, DC, Portland, ME and beyond. The public library is beautiful and overlooks a gorgeous common. There are several schools of higher education: Montserrat College of Art, Endicott College and a North Shore Community College campus. It has a hospital and a thriving Cummings Center which provide a plethora of employment opportunities. There are so many more attributes which I won’t list but promise you I try to enjoy and appreciate. I am not a travel guide for Beverly in this blog.
So what’s this all about?
I need to vent about a few things that have been bothering me. I’ve lived here for 16 years and these few things are weighing heavily because they are so wrong. I think what enrages me so is the audacity of the behavior, the lack of regard for others.
Here they are: There are fewer public trash barrels. I noticed last year the city removed most of the public trash receptacles along Cabot Street. It must have been a money-saving move, so I understand. I appreciated the convenience after it was removed from me. It was nice to throw the bag containing my dog’s poop in the city barrel as opposed to letting it stink up my garbage barrel for a week. But I understand these are tough times and there is the need to pare down costs. Unfortunately, many of the local citizens did not see the same logic and I noticed, still notice that trash litters the streets where the barrels once stood. It’s pathetic and frustrating. I wonder how people can actually litter these days, it just seems so outre and taboo.
But litter they do, quite a bit.
A second peeve: the garbage barrel that is located at Rice Beach (next to Lynch Park) is no longer at the bottom of the hill; it’s up at the gate at the entrance of the path to enter the beach. That makes sense to me. It must have been awful for the Beverly Public workers hauling the fly-infested, smelly barrel of beach-goers remaining tidbits, diapers, soda and beer bottles and God knows what else to add to the stench. There is a slight inconvenience of carrying one’s trash to the top of the path when exiting Rice Beach and evidently this inconvenience is a bit too much for many of the summer folk. They have continued to discard the smelly remains of the fun beach day at the former site of the trash barrel. Is it still there? Do I not have the power to see the invisible barrel? I must not be very special and therefore I carry my trash to the top of the path to the real barrel that I can actually see, feel and smell. Who the hell do these people think will be carrying their trash up the hill???
More trash stuff, getting more disgusting (warning to those with weak gastrointestinal constitutions). Dog owners. YOU WHO DO NOT PICK UP YOUR ANIMAL’S POOP ARE REALLY BAD PEOPLE. I’m sure YOU are not reading this, I have a preconceived notion that you are a member of Hitler’s Youth. There are a couple of you, one with a really huge dog or a dog with a really huge colon that edge around the Beverly Common and let your dog bunk in the mulch of the bushes on Essex Street, along the edge of the hill and in front of Montserrat College. I am wagering you take your dog out very early in the morning so as not to be seen. Really sneaky and low. It speaks volumes of your character and what type of person you really are. There is another BAD DOG OWNER on Lovett Street who is just as bad or even worse. This person apparently encourages the dog to crap in the street or chucks the poop into the street after the dog had made a deposit. Nothing like running down Lovett Street on a warm day past globs of flattened dog shit. The smell is malevolent and the sight is nauseating. I’m really surprised the residents between 10 and 25 Lovett Street don’t protest or try to prevent this behavior, it must smell quite ripe on really hot days.
As garbage calls garbage, I think the lack of regard for the Common invites others to leave trash and graffiti the gazebo. It’s unfortunate. I think this behavior is tough to stop because it’s so blatant and dehumanizing. It it’s witnessed by a person either enjoying the Common or passing through, it tends to be ignored because it’s easier to avoid a nasty interchange or worse.
My final outrage, something that has really, really, REALLY bothered me for a couple of years is something I had to research before I felt comfortable posting. The owners of 53 Lothrop Street in Beverly MA have been using the dead end of Central Street-a public way-as their personal driveway. They park their cars and huge boat there all the time. They block off the use of the street to all–who are free to use it as a public way. It’s a play lot for their children, complete with basketball hoop. Bikes and toys litter the street, there has been orange plastic netting strung across to make sure you or I don’t DARE set foot upon this public way. The sign “Please Enjoy This Public Way” has been moved from the left-side facing to the right-side, indicating it is the walkway to Independence Park you are supposed to enjoy, not their stolen driveway. Wait, there’s more: the owners of this house you could never afford on the edge of the ocean PAVED OVER THEIR ORIGINAL DRIVEWAY NEXT TO THE DEAD END OF CENTRAL STREET. They have a small driveway on the other side of their ridiculously huge house but it only holds either the Mercedes or the company truck, there’s not enough room for the SUV, speed boat on the trailer and crate-load of bikes and toys. So they use publicly funded land and street for all their important stuff and we get to pay for it. My, my, my, it must be such a hardship, living in that big house and having so much stuff that you have to block off a public way. We who have so little and live in small, less fortunately appointed locations away from the ocean need to have a little more sympathy. Maybe you could set up a donation box or send around a petition to take over Independence Park. The public way of Central Street is looking overcrowded and really messy when your giant cigarette boat is parked there. If you don’t believe me, go to googlemaps and type in 53 Central Street, Beverly, MA. They actually have a picture with the SUV and boat parked there!


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