Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year 2009. Forgiveness please for the paucity of my blogs. I haven’t been blogging in the past year an a half but I have been busy with bees.

I started my first hive in May 2008. It’s been so much fun. The bees have been productive and fascinating. I got about 2 gallons of honey in the fall. It felt like a small amount until I learned that many local beekeepers had an awful year. We had plenty of rain but it was hard, driving rain that knocked pollen off trees and flowers and knocked senseless.

I haven’t seen anything of the colony collapse disorder except that there have been so few honey bees in the past few years. Bumble bees seem to be thriving but it could be the competition became considerably less.

Plans for 2009: Hope my bees make it through the winter. Today is the coldest day so far–bitter. Sharp, ineffective sun for warming; a cutting wind. We got snow last yesterday and last night which covered the landing board and probably provided wind protection, but I cleared it off today. I am finding out about these bees by hands on learning. I haven’t made any fatal mistakes but that’s because they have done well for thousands of years in spite of humans.

They are so fascinating.


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